Fun Games to Play With Your Family

Fun Games to Play With Your Family

The best thing about being with your family and your loved ones is that no matter what you do, it is fun. Sitting down and just talking with them is a relieving experience. But why stop there? Why not make the time you spend with your family and loved ones even more enjoyable?

Top Fun Games to Play With Loved Ones

To help you make the experience more enjoyable and memories more cherishable, here are some of the best fun games you can play with your family and friends. These games include both card games/board games and physical games. Let’s get started.

1. Ticket To Ride

No matter whether you want to entertain the kids on a lazy Sunday or you're full of food and feeling sleepy after Christmas dinner, the last thing you want is a complicated game that'll tax your brain. This is why Ticket To Ride is so brilliant. While there are tactics involved, it's a much more laid-back experience than other family board games on this list.

Basically, players score points by creating train routes. Easy enough, right? Sort of - winning isn't so straightforward. Because certain routes are worth more than others, the race is on to claim them before anyone else can. This adds an undercurrent of strategy to proceedings. Do you risk building a longer line for maximum value? Or should you finish a bunch of shorter routes to score quickly? It's a fun conundrum, especially because failure to complete certain routes before the end will see those points taken off your total.

Yes, Ticket to Ride is competitive as a result. But not to the point its players fall out. Aside from an occasional gold rush over routes everyone wants, it's a sedate puzzle you work on by yourself. We can't recommend it enough.

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2. Magic Maze

In Magic Maze, four wizards are trying to shoplift from a mall and escape before the time runs out. There are two problems: players can only communicate by passing a nondescript game piece back and forth (that means no talking or pointing), and each player is responsible for a movement rather than a character. Yes, that means one player is responsible for making every wizard turn left, use an escalator or just walk forward.

What results is a near-silent, yet chaotic experience that will stretch your family's nonverbal communication to its limit. If that's the sort of thing you're into, winning the game together is about as satisfying as board games get.

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3. Telestrations

Telestrations is an endlessly fun and funny drawing game. There are a few different versions, but the six-Player Family Pack is ideal for playing among relatives of all ages. Players take turns drawing and guessing the original phrase, resulting in a hilarious display of artistry and interpretation.

A silly take on the classic games of telephone and Pictionary, it comes with over 800 words, plus all the drawing materials you need. And as Arneson notes, "No artistic skill is needed!" Young ones will love the artistic element but may need a little help with some of the phrases. It's equally fun with a group of adults on a game night or birthday party. The drawing materials may not be the highest quality, but you can always break out your own paper and markers for endless fun. Our tester loved how each game felt completely different. "This is great when you’re playing with restless kids or just trying to squeeze in a little fun before dinner is ready. We can see Telestrations being a great game for holiday gatherings because it’s so flexible," they shared.

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4. Connect4

One of the most popular games in the world, Connect4 has been a classic and is loved by millions all over the world. Connect4 is very much like Tic Tac Toe, but it involves tokens/checkers that you have to insert in a column. The game can be played with two players, each trying to be the first to connect four tokens/checkers.

Two players have to choose a color, either red or blue. There are checkers that each player must insert into the vertical board that slots in place. The objective of the game is to place these checkers in such a way that the same color lines up, four checkers in a row.

Players can line the checkers in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. If four checkers connect, the player wins. If there are more players to play the game, you can have tournaments with quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final matches to see who the true champion of Connect4 is!

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5. Spot It!

This simple, yet incredibly fun card game involves memory, matching, visual perception, and quick thinking. Though it's easy to learn, people of all ages will get a kick out of it. "You can play even with young kids," notes May. The premise is simple; players race to find the image that appears on both cards and whoever spots it first wins that round.

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These were some of the best family games you can play to have a great time. From games that increase knowledge to games that make you fitter, play all the games and have the best time together. These games are the best way to make cherishable memories together.

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